Fact sheets and other documents

On this page, you’ll find links to fact sheets, reports and other documents Minnesotans for a Fair Economy has released, as well as to reports and documents published by our partner organizations.

TakeAction Minnesota Report  “The 1% vs Democracy in Minnesota”

Download a pdf of the report here.

For the January 24 Rally and March for the 99%

The recent Citizens for Tax Justice report, “Corporate Taxpayers & Corporate Tax Dodgers, 2008-2010,  lists 249 corporations that paid less than their fair share in federal corporate income taxes in 2010.  In other’words, 249 of the country’s largest and most profitable corporations paid less than the U.S  statutory corporate tax rate of 35% in 2010. istead, these 249 companies got a 2010 federal tax subsidy ‘totaling over $87.27 billion.

The three fact sheets break this down three ways, two by what  services and infrastructure Wells Fargo’s share would pay for nationally and in Minnesota, and what the Minnesota share from all 249 corporations would pay for.

Fact Sheet on Corporate  Tax Dodging and Federal Program Spending: Wells Fargo’s portion, nationwide [pdf file]

Fact Sheet on Federal Tax Dodging  and Program Effect in Minnesota: Wells Fargo’s portion [pdf file]

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