Working to build a Fair Minnesota

Community Actions

  • Take Back The Capitol: One-hundred Minnesotans traveled to Washington DC to demand the Congress extend unemployment benefits and create good jobs. Members of our delegation emerged as leaders in the encampment on the Mall, from our artists who created striking banners to an unemployked worer who was interviewed by the New York Times. Read our post about it here.
  • November 17 Bridge Action: With our partners, and such allies as the MNAFL-CIO and  OccupyMN, we rallied and marched on the 10th Avenue Bridge in the names of good jobs and bridging the racial gap in hiring in Minnesota. Read our post and watch our video here.
  • Summit for A Fair Economy: With our partners, we hosted an economic about 500 community, labor, immigrant and social justice activists in Minneapolis, featuring Robert Reich,  john a. powell and Stephen Lerner. View highlight videos
  • Immigration Campaign Meeting: We hosted a community meeting to talk about ways to take action and build a movement to support fair immigration reform. View photos »
  • Capitol Rally Against Corporate Bandit Budget: Minnesotans rallied to speak out about a state budget that has corporations making out like bandits. View photos »
  • Somali Community Meeting: We hosted a great Somali Community Meeting in July 2011. It’s inspiring to work with people who want to make a difference in their community. View photos »
  • Canvass Blitz June 2011: We took action and knocked on more than 60,000 doors during June; having conversations about making the economy work for everyone. Watch video clips »
  • People’s Rally for a Fair Minnesota: More than 1,000 people filled the State Capitol on May 21 and urged the legislature to pass a budget that protects Minnesotans. Read the story »

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