We Make Black Friday Happen: March & Rally November 29th


Last year more than $20 billion was spent during the Black Friday weekend, resulting in giant profits for corporations like Target and Walmart, yet the workers who make Black Friday and holiday shopping happen are often forced to work for poverty wages. Minnesotans are standing up and saying that this isn’t right. We believe the employees who make Black Friday happen deserve better pay and working¬†conditions.

Who will be standing together on Black Friday?

-Retail janitors aligned with CTUL who have set a strike deadline with the contractors they work for to clean stores like Target.

-OurWalmart workers who joining Walmart employees across the country in demanding change from the biggest retailer in the world.

-Workers and allies who are fighting with TakeAction Minnesota who are organizing to raise wages for workers across the state.

-Minnesotans from faith, labor and community organizations who know that the workers who make Black Friday happen deserve better than the poverty wages that many are paid from corporations making billions of dollars in profits.


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