Protest to End Poverty Wages at MSP 11/27


Airport workers who are paid poverty wages despite doing important jobs like transporting seniors and passengers with disabilities and cleaning planes came together Wednesday in an effort to Bring Dignity Back to MSP. The workers, looking to organize with SEIU Local 26, held a press conference with Representative Keith Ellison and other supporters before silently marching through the terminal with signs calling to end poverty wages and ending the event with a protest outside of the terminal, all on the busiest travel day of the year.




Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Workers Protest for Higher Wages

Leslie Dyste

Nov 27


Kare 11 (NBC)

Hundreds of airport workers protest low wages on high travel day

Scott Seroka

Nov 27


WCCO (CBS) / Yahoo News

MSP Airport Workers Protest, Call For Wage Increases

Pat Kessler

Nov 27


St. Paul Union Advocate

At MSP Airport, workers use heavy travel day to rally for better wages

Michael Moore

Nov 27


MPR News

MSP airport workers rally for higher wages

Mark Zdechlik

Nov 27

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