Time for a Balanced Approach That Puts an End to Tax Breaks and Loopholes for the Rich

ST. PAUL (January 22, 2013) — This morning Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton released his budget proposal during a press conference in Saint Paul. Minnesotans for a Fair Economy released the following statement from Director Donna Cassutt:

“After a decade of imbalanced, cuts-only state budgets we applaud Governor Dayton and his team for bringing forward a balanced and responsible proposal. Minnesota’s budget must be fair and it must work to fix a broken tax system that has greatly harmed our communities while benefiting only a few.

“Minnesotans know that big banks and other corporations worked to align the system in their favor. And while middle class families in our state have worked harder than ever to pay their tax bill and meet other expenses, many corporations used loopholes and failed to pay their fair share. Those days are over.

“Corporations based in Minnesota and their highly-paid executives must take a leadership role in fixing Minnesota’s budget. Joining with the Governor and members of both parties in the Legislature, they must protect middle class families and invest in making our economy grow. It is time we put an end to the practice of giving big tax breaks to profitable corporations while shortchanging our schools and our seniors. Right now, the rich pay less in taxes than Minnesota’s middle class and we must fix that.

“Governor Dayton’s plan focuses on the right priorities for moving our state forward, while making the system fairer. These investments are needed to maintain our roads and bridges, schools and colleges — and to provide care and dignity to our senior citizens. The plan is the safe, responsible and right thing to do, and it will help to get our economy back on track.”


Media contact: Eric Fought, efought@mnfaireconomy.org

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