Let's Stop the 1% and Their Harmful "Right to Work" Amendment

Despite bipartisan opposition, supporters of the irresponsible “Right to Work” constitutional amendment are trying to move the bill forward. They know Minnesotans oppose this unsafe, unfair and unnecessary law, and are using desperate gimmicks at the State Capitol to try to pass it.

This bill is not what its supporters say it is. Plain and simple, this isn’t a right to work; it’s the right to hurt workers, our economy, and the middle class. If this should pass it would weaken our rights and lower our wages and benefits.

Union members have negotiated in good faith with their employers and have sacrificed to help weather the tough economic times by taking wage freezes, cuts in benefits and furlough with days without pay. But despite hardworking Minnesotans’ efforts to carry their load, corporate CEOs and the politicians they helped elect are pushing this amendment forward. Plain and simple, it is wrong for working families and wrong for our state.

To stay in touch with the campaign against “Right to Work,” visit www.wearemn.org.

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