Who loses in a shutdown?

A government shutdown will take effect if lawmakers can’t decide before this week’s deadline between the current budget proposals — either keep Minnesota strong, or keep taxes lower for the richest 2% than for the rest of us.

With high stakes and so much uncertainty the list of losers during a shutdown could be lengthy; here’s just a few examples:

Construction Workers. Highways, bridges and other construction projects are in jeopardy, as are the jobs of workers hired for them…About 1,600 businesses and nearly 3,900 small and individual contractors work for the state [Read More]

Our Justice System. A shutdown on July 1 could mean that people accused of minor offenses will have to sit in jail for three days because there’s no judge to let them out. Or worse, that people accused of serious crimes will go free. [Read More]

Nursing Homes. The average provider in the Twin Cities area would be able to last 10 days without state payments…Statewide the average would be three weeks. [Read More]

College Students. The University of Minnesota and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities would remain open at least temporarily. If there’s a prolonged shutdown, the 80,000 students who are scheduled to receive state grants next fall would not get them on time. [Read More]

Couples Wanting to get Married. Crystal Morales and Derek Cloutier can’t wait to get married…One big problem: Fort Snelling State Park and its chapel may close July 1 if the Minnesota government shuts down. [Read More]

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